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Major Ranking Factors in 2022: Recommended by Google Sep 17, 2022

As a content marketer, knowing Google's latest ranking factors and how to implement them is key to ensuring that you stay on top of your game with your content and give your sales funnel a kick. Go...

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Is SEO Freelancing Really Worth It In 2022? Aug 13, 2022

Search engine optimization is a vital skill for anyone who takes up a web-related role. However, learning SEO could seem like a herculean task because it involves a lot of concepts that may take years...

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Backlinks Myths and Google’s Recommendations to Address It Jul 13, 2022

If you know SEO, you must have been wondering how many backlinks are required for a website to rank well.  The industry believes that you can keep creating backlinks and that always helps you to r...

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