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Major Ranking Factors in 2024: Recommended by Google Jan 16, 2024

Google's ranking factors in 2024 are a complex ecosystem, evolving constantly. While pinning down the exact "ranking algorithm" is impossible, several key factors hold significant weight in determinin...

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Google’s Helpful Content Update September 2023: Simplified Sep 16, 2023

Google has started this year's first Helpful Content System Update on 14th September, 2023. In the previous year, two helpful content updates took place, which lasted for 15 days and 38 days, respecti...

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Google Broad Core Update and Their Impact on Website Sep 07, 2023

Again comes the 2023's October Google Broad Core update. This is the third broad core update that starts on 5th September, 2023. According to last updates, it will take 14-15 days to complete this upd...

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Is SEO Freelancing Really Worth It In 2023? Aug 13, 2022

Search engine optimization is a vital skill for anyone who takes up a web-related role. However, learning SEO could seem like a herculean task because it involves a lot of concepts that may take years...

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